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    Over the past couple years the shrinking world and cheaper labor has spawned a new era of counterfeit parts. People have seemed to settle for CNC replication of vague details on bodies and necks and have focused on parts. I have seen Stratocaster tremolo bridge assemblies that will be impossible to distinguish from original once they get a few years of age on them. People are looking to clone Kluson tuning keys. Even the Bakelite knobs are available cheap and look great. Web sites that helped inform buyers have been used as guides by the counterfeiters. There are some ultra accurate green guards out there as well. This all leaves more stuff for me to cover in time. If you have an item you would like me to give the "pepsi challenge", shoot me an email


  Fender Tuning keys- 1950's- 1970's. This covers the small changes made to Klusons. Also covers the F tuners made by Schaller and Fender. Also the oddities of the late 60's and early 70's.  

Fauxbursts- This was part of my Jazzmaster section and has gained lots on interest. Here is a separate page for this topic. I will add additional photos and information over time.. 

Fender Clay dot and Pearloid inlays- Most people know what Fender used in the earliest days, this covers the late 50's to the 80's. 

Vietnam Serviceman Forgeries This is a gallery I hope will grow over time showing some of the forgeries of Fender and Gibson guitars sold to our servicemen in the Vietnam war

Misconceptions and Factoids about late CBS and early FMIC era Fender. This page will evolve over time. It will feature quirky details about serial number prefixes and some of the odd things we see from the era. 

Inside FujiGen Gakki Though people like to believe there is a Fender factory in Japan, that is not a reality. The same guys building Ibanez 'Hair metal' guitars built all those Japanese Fenders as well as many other brand names. This is a translation into English from a late 80's magazine article. Be warned, the translation gets dicey, but its easy to figure out where they are going.

Specific Model Pages

The Fender Jaguar in detail I have been promising this site for nearly 6 years now, so here it is. It is a work in progress, so keep an eye on it. If you have a picture you would like to see added, email it to me. 

Intricacies of the Fender Jazzmaster Here I outline the basic evolution of 1958-1968 Fender Jazzmasters. This is a work in progress, so keep an eye on it for updates and and more information. 

Inside an April 1956 Musicmaster- On this page I tear down and photograph a rare April 1956 Musicmaster "blackguard" pre-production guitar. Every part is documented in photo's.. 

Jackson Soloist Page - A site I created based on Jackson Soloist guitars. Many other Jackson based features as well. (temporarily offline)

Guitar Parts Identification

Fender Neck Codes - This page is about the 1962-1972 Fender neck stamps. This pertains to the first digit code. 

1965-1966 Alternate Fender decals- Ever notice in late 1965-early 1966 many of our favorite Fender guitars had some weird looking decals? I did too, so I put together a web page all about them. 

English Translation of the Fender Stratocaster Volume 1 Here is the English translation of this sought after Japanese book. 

Fender Pot Codes- There is more than just dates on the back of post 1961 pots. Here I give you the info you need to determine if the pots you are looking at are stock or forgeries. I include a part number table for most popular pots used in the 60's and 70's.

Fender Neckplate ID. A briefing on some basic ways to spot a fake neckplate from an original. There are many good looking fakes out there and more are being made daily.

Reissue Versus Original Parts Comparisons- Here I show the differences in many Fender aftermarket or OEM reissue parts against vintage originals. Note: some text has been modified by site owner. If you have any questions, please email me. 

Parts pictures database- Here are some pictures I have taken of various vintage Fender guitar parts. Some pictures are from the Comparisons page and some text has been modified by site owner. If you have any questions, please email me. 

Factory Manuals and Diagrams

1967 Fender Service Manual- Here is a factory service manual full of tips on setting up your Fender guitar. Of particular interest is how to tighten Kluson and Fender F tuners.

Wiring Diagrams- Here I have a nice selection of original Fender factory wiring diagrams for many solid body electrics and lap steel guitars.

How to Apply a decal- Here I outline the best and most successful method I have found to correctly apply decals. I also give tips on chemicals to use that help prevent old decals from falling apart once wet. Note: I am only providing this info for restoration use only! I do not condone using Fender decals on non-Fender made instruments. UPDATED- I now include discussions about the modern homemade computer printer made knock offs floating around the internet. 



Celebrity Machines Plate Store- Replicas of famous license plates available for your garage, man cave, or replicar. 

Circle City Guitars- Page coming soon. 

The official Lee1 website- This site shows the latest goings on with Lee1, the first General Lee Dodge Charger ever built. I helped restore this car and still maintain it. 

1968 Dodge Charger Fender tag decoder- Works on other Mopars as well, but options are focused on Charger. 

1968, 1969, 1970 Dodge parts manual in PDF format. Simply right click and save to your computer. Hundreds of pages of parts assemblies and parts numbers. Helps you see how stuff goes together and what is interchangeable. Goes into the early 70's stuff as well. Be patient with the download. This file is HUGE.





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